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MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA SR-P Pedals

High-Strength SteelPure, high-strength steel gives these pedals a rock-solid durability and feel.Hig..

419.57 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing


Unmatched Style and PerformanceWith a sleek black and gold design, the CRP pedals take inspiration f..

1,033.61 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA R5 Bundle

The bundle contains the following products:MOZA DD R5 ES Steering Wheel SR-P Lite Pedals ..

1,159.00 лв.

MOZA RM HD Digital Dashboard

For MOZA Racing direct drive wheelbases R16 and Moza Racing R21.Large Full Color HD PanelWith 16.7 m..

915.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA HGP Shifter

Full Metal ConstructionThe MOZA HGP Shifter is CNC machined from anodized aviation-grade aluminum. I..

359.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA Handbrake / Shifter Clamp

Made of high-strength steel with a hard-wearing black finish.High clamping forceFor desktops up to 6..

110.68 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA HBP Handbrake

Aviation Grade Aluminum BodyThe whole body is CNC machined using aviation-grade aluminum with an ano..

253.16 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA Universal Hub

The adapter can be mounted onto two different third-party wheelbases, the Hub can connect the KS Ste..

149.17 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA E-Stop Switch

Cut off power instantlyAluminium alloy buttonEase of useFlexible mounting optionsUniquely designed f..

119.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA R3 Bundle for PC & Xbox

Attention: This product is not yet on the market! The first worldwide orders will be delivered in Fe..

879.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA SGP Sequential Shifter

Experience ultimate racing immersion with our premium all-metal construction gear shifter, engineere..

299.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA Table Clamp

High-intensity steelMulti-angle adjustmentSuitable for various desksMultiple usesApplicable products..

131.72 лв.

Universal Base Mount Adapter

For R9, R12, R16, and R21 base applications: This adapter allows the base to be securely fixed onto ..

59.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

Simagic Multifunctional L Shaped Bracket

The special L-plate bracket makes side mounting possible. Add more flexibility to your sim-racing se..

59.72 лв.

Clamp for Truck Wheel

Elevate your driving sim experience with the Clamp for Truck Wheel, engineered with robust high-stre..

131.72 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing 4%

Moza R9 + CS V2P Bundle

Elevate your racing experience with the MOZA R9 V2 wheelbase and CS V2P steering wheel bundle, combi..

1,549.00 лв. 1,618.18 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing 5%

Moza R9 + KS Bundle

Unleash the ultimate racing experience with the MOZA R9 V2 and KS Steering Wheel Bundle. The R9 V2 W..

1,588.99 лв. 1,668.17 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing 3%

Moza R12 + KS Bundle

Experience the pinnacle of sim racing with the MOZA R12 and KS Steering Wheel Bundle. The R12 sim ra..

1,929.00 лв. 1,998.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing 3%

Moza R12 + CS V2P Bundle

Unleash the pinnacle of sim racing with the MOZA R12 and CS V2P Steering Wheel Bundle. The R12’s 12 ..

1,888.99 лв. 1,948.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA R9 V2 Wheel Base

9 N·m of Torque from a Direct Drive Servo MotorThe R9's 9N·m of torque can simulate a full rang..

969.17 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA RS V2 Steering Wheel

Leather GripsWith carefully selected genuine leather and exquisite stitching, the RS grips are sturd..

946.33 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA R12 V2 Wheel Base

Introducing the MOZA R12 sim racing wheelbase, the latest addition to our collection. With well-bala..

1,299.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA R16 Wheel Base

16Nm of Direct Drive PowerWith a huge 16Nm of torque, the R16 provides an impressive torque ran..

1,699.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA R21 Wheel Base

21Nm of Pure Direct Drive Torque from an Industrial-Grade MotorWith 21Nm of power behind the R21, fe..

2,199.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA ES Steering Wheel

A Giant Step towards Your RacingExquisite, Sporty LeatherWith careful sewing and coating, our high-q..

265.83 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA SR-P Lite Brake Pedal Performance Kit

Този продукт не е съвместим с педалите от модела SR-P.FEATURESRealistic Pedal Feel – The spring and ..

79.99 лв.

MOZA SR-P Accessory Kit

Creating 6 different foot feel combinationsIncreasing damping and shortening braking distance to mee..

40.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA CS V2 Steering Wheel

13 Inch Standard Racing RimWith a true-to-life size matching real racing car, the CS offers a realis..

649.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing

MOZA KS Steering Wheel

Introducing the MOZA KS Sim Racing Steering Wheel, a brand-new offering designed specifically for GT..

699.00 лв.
MOZA-Racing MOZA-Racing 7%

MOZA TSW Truck Wheel

Discover the MOZA TSW Truck Wheel, engineered for an unparalleled truck simulation experience. With ..

649.00 лв. 699.00 лв.
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